"City Builder"

Los Angeles, USA
August 2011

Recently, our team has successfully finished one more Facebook game for undisclosed client.
It is one of "City Builder" games with some unique idea which differs from other similar games.

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CCTV (Nintendo Wii/DS)
CCTV (Nintendo Wii/DS)
Jon Hare, Nikitova Games' Lead Game Designer, describes this as the first truly original game he has been able to design since the 1990s, those heady days of Sensible Soccer and Cannon Fodder. It is currently being courted by a number of publishers and release date is TBD.

In this game you play the role of a security guard using CCTV and cop cars to catch petty criminals and most wanted criminals alike as you travel the world finding suspects and nailing them in this fast paced game of observation, identification & interrogation.

Starting as a lowly shopping mall guard, the player can rise to International head of security as he travels the world’s most famous shops and art galleries scrutinizing car parks, trains and airports in a bid to capture the thieves, smugglers, vandals and other low life littering the world's streets and bring them to justice.

The game has been designed specifically for the Nintendo Wii & DS to play as either a single player, as two players co-operatively or as 2 players competitively against each other.

The depth of this simple game idea is quite frightening and the art and sound are stylish and amusing as one would expect from such a game


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